Refer Student

Refer-Student-pgAll girls and boys must be referred through a school official, such as a guidance counselor or teacher, a church official or community social service agency.

We rely on the referring party to determine that a teen qualifies.

Please complete the Cinderella Referral Form below and email to NCCinderellaProject. You may fill out the form directly online or download it first. Once accepted, the student will be invited to a Boutique Day fitting appointment at Cinderella’s Closet.

Please use the link to the Referral Form below.

Use these steps.

  1. Click on it to open
  2. Fill out the form
  3. Save the form to your desktop
  4. Click on the email address in the form, this will open your email and you can drag the referral form into the email and send

Or save the form to a file and email the form to:

Cinderella Project Student Referral Form

The Nevada County Cinderella Project will begin accepting Student Referral Forms for the 2018 dance dates on March 1st.

Note: Boutique appointments will be scheduled 3 weeks before each school’s prom date.