What is the Cinderella Project?

The non-profit Cinderella Project has a simple mission: Building self-esteem while making prom dreams come true. We do this by providing special occasion dresses and accessories free of charge to High School juniors and seniors so they may attend their Senior Ball or Prom. Students are referred to Cinderella Project by an adult who knows their circumstances would prevent them from attending the Prom.


The Cinderella Project started in 2011 and is a 501 3c non-profit tax id number 47-4869302.

2011: 25 Nevada Union and Bear River girls outfitted

2012: 50 girls from every high school in Nevada County outfitted head to toe.

2013: 100 girls and 20 boys outfitted.

2014: 125 boys and girls outfitted

2015: 100 boys and girls outfitted

2016: 110 boys and girls outfitted

Who is Eligible?

High school juniors and seniors who are unable to afford to attend their senior prom and are enrolled in Nevada County are eligible. Referrals are made by counselors, teachers, church officials, clubs or social workers by completing the Cinderella Student Referral Form.

Privacy Policy

A Cinderella Project volunteer photographer will be at the boutique to take pictures for our use only on our website, in our printed materials and for our photo album. If a student does not want her picture taken for our use, she must inform the photographer at that time.

We respect the privacy of all students. No student information or photography will be published or used in any manner, with the exception of contact for participation in our program, without explicit consent from the student and school.