Refer a Student

All girls and boys must be referred through a school official, such as a guidance counselor or teacher, a church official or community social service agency.

We rely on the referring party to determine that a teen qualifies.

Please complete the Cinderella Referral Form now and email to NCCinderellaProject @  You may fill out the form directly online or download it first. Once accepted, the student will be invited to a Boutique Day fitting appointment at Cinderella’s Closet.

View deadlines for submitting a student referral form here.

About Fairy Godmother #1

As the founder of the Nevada County Cinderella Project, I brought the project to our area to help foster confidence in local high school juniors and seniors who need assistance in attend their Senior Prom ~ in style! We are a volunteer organization and it takes a team of Fairy Godmothers for this magical event to happen. Thanks to all! Teri ~ aka Fairy Godmother #1

2 responses to “Refer a Student

  1. Debbie

    Thank you, Cinderella Project, for providing formal attire for kids/teens in need! Many years ago, both of my parents died in separate auto accidents in their early 30s – I was only 10 & 11 years old. I grew up with nothing like “Cinderella Project” to help me attend proms, galas, formals, so never attended one. It’s a BIG DEAL to be able to have what you need to attend fun youth events, and YOU are providing it to SO MANY in Nevada County! I am PROUD to hear of all you’re doing to love and provide for those youth in need – adored seeing the photos from the Cinderella Gala this past Friday 11-14-14! GORGEOUS gowns on women and girls alike…and a few men too! WOW!

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